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Depression            Anxiety           Trauma


The circumstances of our lives  play significant roles  in the way we move through the world, from our genetic predispositions to the way we roll out of bed in the morning,  from sun rise to smiles from strangers.  We have very little control over much of our lives.  Sometimes it seems we are adrift in a sea of circumstance.   Often the result is some combination of depression, anxiety and trauma.


Even so,  we have a remarkable ability to  adapt to these circumstances,  to survive, recover, re-build,  re-shape, re-inhabit.    There are many ways to access this ability; behavior modification, mindfulness,   insight, medication,  etc.  What works for one person doesn’t necessarily work for another.      


Small, seemingly insignificant changes can begin a cascade of further changes.   This series of changes can give us the ability to move beyond our circumstances,  to manage the impact of our past,  to thrive in the present, and to shape what is to  come.

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